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Articles • 2020-03-03

Northland drought & coronavirus

Inland Revenue

As you are aware our region is currently facing some tough times with impacts from the drought and coronavirus.

The Inland Revenue are working with other agencies and together they want to get information to our communities. 

Inland Revenue -Anyone who is having difficulty meeting their tax obligations because of these impacts can contact us on 0800 473 566 to discuss tax relief and income assistance along with other measures. 

More information can be found on the links below:

Northland Regional Council - have an information page which will link you with services relating to the drought  'where to find help', information can also be found at civildefencenorthland on facebook.

Work and Income - may be able to help with financial assistance, even if you’re not on a benefit. Contact number 0800 559 009  or refer link below:

If businesses are unable to pay staff, they may be eligible for the Emergency Benefit until the business is back up and running. 

For people on tank water they may be able to access a one-off payment from Work and Income to have their water tank filled. They do not have to be in receipt of a benefit to be eligible.

Civil Defence - have some key questions to help get started with planning for the drought or water supply interruption:

  • What is the current use and amount of water required to run my business?
  • What is the quality requirement of my water? ie: Does it need to be safe to drink or is it for wash down or sanitation.
  • Are there ways we could reduce the use of water without impacting significantly on my business?  
  • Is there an opportunity to collaborate with neighbouring businesses and share resources ie toilets?
  • How do I keep up to date with what’s going on?
  • What’s the point to which I put my contingency planning in place?

For more information contact the office here

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